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Introducing Uniq Q7
The Ultimate Adjustable Inline Skate


At Rhino Roller Skates we carry only quality brand name skates and accessories.  We have a wide selection of products to meet all of your skating needs.  We offer great prices, superior service, and a secure and pleasant internet shopping experience.  It doesn't matter if you've never skated before or you're an experienced skating superstar, we have what you need.​

Below are some videos of basic skating skills and techniques for beginners and some advanced skaters demonstrating amazing tricks and styles.

Let Them Have Skates!

jam skater 2-2.jpg

Attention: Hip hop fans, disco dudes, pop princesses, rowdy rockers, and dancing queens.  Are you ready to show off your moves in the rink? Check out our Jam Skates or Rhythm  Skates and get your groove on.  

Are you a derby girl?...  sugar and spice and everything nice with a side of get out-of-my-way attitude? Embrace your inner Amazon  woman and show them what you're made of. We've got the best roller derby skates and gear for you.

rd girl sugar and spice1.jpg
RS for everyone 1.jpg

There's something for every skater at Rhino roller skates. We've got quad and inline speed skates, Jam Skates, artistic skates, Rhythm skates, hockey skates, roller derby skates, indoor skates, outdoor skates, men's, women's, and children's skates; we’ve got it all. So go ahead look through our store, check out our videos or blog, learn about roller skating and roller sports. We're confident that you'll love in fact we guarantee your satisfaction.

Beginner's Basics

If you've never skated before or it's been awhile since you put on a pair of skates you may be surprised by all the choices available. Well you can relax you're at the right place, we’ll walk you through the basics so you can make an informed decision and get the right pair of roller skates for you. Roller skating is fun and easy to learn. 

​Roller skates can be categorized into two general categories:  quad roller skates and in-line skates.

quad skates sketch2.jpg

Quad Skates

inline skate sketch1.jpg

Inline Skates

Quad skates have four wheels on two axles, two in front and two in the back, just like a car. Inline skates typically have four wheels in a straight line in the center of the skate. Some speed inline skates have three wheels in a straight line. Inline skates are designed to resemble and simulate the blade of an ice skate. Both inline skates and quad roller skates can be used indoors and outdoors.

Quad skates have been gaining popularity since they were first introduced in the late 1800s. Quad skates became very popular in the 1950s and again in the 1970s and 80s. Today quad skates are gaining popularity again. ​

1800s skater1.jpg
50s skating girls.jpg
80s skaters.jpg

Quad skates can be somewhat easier to balance on compared to inline skates.  This is because the wheels are wider and the skater’s weight is more evenly distributed among the four wheels. Therefore it may be better for beginners to learn and develop their skills on quad roller skates. 

Roller skates commonly come in men's sizes.  They correspond to men's athletic shoe sizes. Therefore women should typically choose a size lower from their shoe size for a proper fit. Kids’ skates come in youth shoe sizes in most cases.  Sizing charts are available to aid in picking the best size. Don't worry though, at we will gladly replace any skate you purchase from us for another size if your skates don't fit.

There are 4 main components to a roller skate. These are the boot, plate, truck assembly, and wheels.  Boots are often made of leather or a synthetic leather-like material and come in a variety of styles and colors. The plates are the base upon which other parts are added to build the skates.  They can be made of aluminum,  nylon, or plastic and are mounted or affixed to the bottom of the boot. The truck assembly is commonly referred to as a trucks and often come attached to the plate.  The trucks house cushions and axles. Finally the wheels are placed on the axles/trucks and tightened with a nut. Inline skates have similar components,  however these skates use a linear frame instead of a plate and the wheels are attached  to the frame.  Inline skates also have a rear brake instead of a toe stop. 

Experienced skaters well sometimes customize their skates by buying these parts separately then placing them together to fit their needs. However for beginners it's much wiser to buy your skates already assembled and ready to go.

sgcompetitor plate.jpg
Truck Parts, jpg.jpg
Truck Parts, jpg.jpg

One of the main considerations for buying a basic or beginners pair of roller skates is how one is going to use the skates. Most beginners are not thinking about a particular roller sport or style of roller skating, although you may be thinking of a specific style that interest you. It's more likely that a new skater will buy skates which are intended for recreational or fitness use. For example these skates can be used at a park, on a sidewalk, or a local skating rink just for fun and maybe a little cardio workout too. If this is the case you should think about whether you'll be skating indoors, outdoors, or both. The real difference between indoor and outdoor skates is the type of wheels on the skate. Therefore the type of wheels on a skate is an important consideration when buying a pair of skates.

Outdoor wheels are softer, they are designed this way to have a better grip on the skating surface. Indoor skates have harder wheels. They are made this way to decrease the amount of friction with the surface this makes them smooth and fast. The hardness of skate wheels are measured by a durometer scale which can range from 78A to 101A. The lower durometer numbers correspond to softer wheels. Higher durometer numbers indicate harder wheels. Outdoor (softer) wheels will have a durometer of 78A to 84A. Indoor Wheels we'll have a durometer of 90A to 101A.  Many wheels will have durometer numbers somewhere  in the middle of the range. These may be intended for both indoor and outdoor use (usually between 85A and 88A). Indoor/outdoor wheels are sometimes referred to as hybrid wheels. 

If you're still confused, don't stress it.  You can't really go wrong. Any skate regardless of which kind of wheel it has will roll on most smooth flat surfaces. They'll work on asphalt, blacktop, wood floors, tiles, concrete, etc. Most skates will probably have wheels in the 84A to 88A range suitable for indoor and outdoor use anyway.  So pick a style you like, a low cut boot for better maneuverability and speed or a high cut boot for more stability and support. Remember you can use any style of skate you like, it's really about personal preference.

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