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Introducing the Head Hunter, the epitome of speed, precision, and dominance in the world of quad roller skates. Designed for those who crave ultimate performance and power, these skates are made for speed and for their ability to hunt down the competition with unmatched ferocity. Get ready to unleash your inner speed demon and leave your opponents in the dust.


At the heart of the Head Hunter skates are the legendary RD elite Legacy boots, known for their exceptional quality and durability. These boots provide the perfect blend of support and flexibility, allowing you to maneuver with agility and confidence. Slip your feet into pure skating luxury and experience the comfort and control that only the finest boots can offer.


But what truly sets the Head Hunter apart is its relentless pursuit of speed. Equipped with Cannibal speed performance skate wheels, these skates are engineered to devour any surface in their path. The blue wheels, with a hardness of 92A, and the orange wheels, at an impressive 96A hardness, deliver lightning-fast acceleration and unmatched top speed. The Cannibal wheels are equipped with RollerBones 8mm bearings for minimal friction and maximum speed. No matter the track or terrain, the Head Hunter will conquer it with ease.


To ensure the ultimate performance, the Head Hunter features Pro Octane Magnesium plates with click-truck adjustment and adjustable toe stops. These top-of-the-line premium plates provide unrivaled strength and responsiveness, allowing for lightning-quick turns and precise control. Feel the power and stability as you glide effortlessly across the track, leaving your opponents trailing behind.


The Head Hunter is not just a pair of skates; It is designed for the daring and ambitious, those who crave the thrill of speed and demand nothing less than the very best. Whether you're a seasoned skater or an aspiring speed monster, these skates will push your boundaries and elevate your performance to new heights. Don't just skate, dominate. Elevate your game with the Head Hunter and leave your competitors in the dust. Order your pair of Head Hunter skates today and become the top predator of the rink.


* These skates come in men’s sizes, ladies please select a size lower than your regular shoe size for the best fit.

Head Hunter

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